Manuel Ukulele (Georgetown) Penang Saves RM2160 just a simple step Switch to U Mobile Business.

If you are a small business looking to save money on your mobile postpaid plan, then switch to U Mobile Business is a great option. 

Manuel Ukulele Music Sdn Bhd Expands Business Online with UMobile Business Plan.

Manuel Ukulele (Georgetown) Penang is a family-owned business that has been selling ukuleles for over 20 years. They are known for their high-quality instruments and their friendly customer service. In recent years, they have seen a significant increase in business, and they were looking for a way to reduce their mobile postpaid plan costs.

Switch to U Mobile

U Mobile Business also helped Manuel Ukulele Music Sdn Bhd to improve their online ranking. By using the UMobile Business plan, they were able to get their website to rank higher in Google search results. This has helped them to attract more customers and expand their business online.

Let us see how is the Matrix of Calculation when switch u mobile business

Existing the company has 5 lines with Maxis Business Postpaid Plan, and their request to reduce the plan from Maxis.
But refer to Maxis Business Customer Service teams, what the plan have now is the most lower plan under Maxis Business.
Meaning cannot reduce must stick to it and process for contract 24 months Rm340 commitment

Switch to U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan

lucky the director does not give up keep searching for other service providers to see which telco can match his request:

  1. Must remain all the mobile number
  2. Reduce the monthly fee
  3. If can have a free phone device will be the best

Option A: Sim Plan without Device:

  1. Remain all mobile number
  2. From 5 lines plus free 1 new line total of 6 lines
  3. Reduce the fee from RM340 to be RM150
  4. Monthly save RM190
  5. Within 2 years enjoy saving up to RM4560

Option B: Sim Plan with Free Device:

  1. remain all 5 lines mobile number
  2. Reduce the fee from RM340 to be RM250
  3. Monthly save RM90 within 2 years enjoy saving up to RM2160
  4. With Free 2 units Samsung A14 5G Phone device value RRM RM989 per unit
UMobile Business Plan free samsung A14 5G

Get Free Phones with Switch to U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan

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telco phone plan sim plan

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u mobile plan postpaid 2021

Only 1 line for Business

Micro SME like you are not sure about the business’s sustainability or not, that why to apply the new line with the company name without a contract plan


Expanding their business

Midyson applies without a contract plan with the most valuable starting plan just only RM38,

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