U Mobile Device: The Ultimate Tech Companion

If you’re in the market for a new mobile device, consider U Mobile. With its wide range of instruments and affordable plans, U Mobile has become popular with many consumers. But how do you know which device is suitable for you?

Here, we’ll explore the different U Mobile devices available and help you make an informed decision. We’ve got you covered, from setting up your device to optimizing its performance. So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your U Mobile device, keep reading!

U Mobile Device Plan

U Mobile Device

Own a brand new 5G phone for FREE when you bundle up with the Unbeatable 5G U Biz Postpaid. 5G Connectivity. Enjoy 5G High-Speed Data. Unleash the true power

U Mobile offers the best of Android and iPhone devices. Whether you prefer the latest Apple iPhones or powerful Android options, our network has you covered. Find your perfect device with us!

Apple iPhone Series

Elevating Smartphone Excellence to New Heights!

OPPO Mobile Phone Devices

The Preferred Choice for Top Telcos – Unveiling the Best-Sellers and Customer Favorites!

Oppo A38




OPPO N3 Flip 5G

OPPO N3 Flip 5G

Samsung Galaxy The Best Smartphones

From the Galaxy Z Fold to the Galaxy A range, these are the best Samsung phones across a range of budgets.

Samsung A05

Samsung A05

Oppo Reno10

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

HONOR Smartphones

HONOR is a smartphone brand that was initially a sub-brand of Huawei. Get a FREE 5G device, available only with our 36-month contract.

Samsung A05

HONOR 90 Lite 5G

Samsung M14 5G


Vivo SmartPhone available with U Mobile

VIVO smartphone series, with the latest entertainment and imaging capabilities, innovative designs, and upgraded specs.

Samsung A05

Vivo Y17s

Samsung M14 5G

Vivo Y36

Honor X9b

Vivo V29

Honor X9b

vivo X90 5G

Realme smartphones

Realme has gained popularity for its commitment to delivering feature-packed budget and mid-range smartphones, known for their competitive specifications and outstanding value.

U Mobile Postpaid 38 buy 2 free 1 promo
U Mobile Business postpaid promo
U Mobile business 5G

U Mobile Business Introduces Two Type of Easy Payment as:
U SaveMore™ and U PayLater™ for Effortless Phone Ownership!

Frequently Asked Questions U SaveMore™

Why is an upfront payment required upon sign-up?

Yes, the upfront payment is apply to all new line registrations even switch to U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan.

Will I receive a rebate for the upfront payment made?

Yes, the upfront payment will rebate back to your U Mobile Postpaid bill over 24 months.

How much is the upfront payment for the Device Bundle?

The upfront payment amount varies based on your selected rate plan and the device model.

Frequently Asked Questions U PayLater™

What's the process to sign up for U PayLater™?

U PayLater is available to existing U Mobile Postpaid subscribers, subject to eligibility.
Upon registration, eligible subscribers are required to make an advance payment based on the purchased phone model.

How many times can a apply for U PayLater™ Plan?

Corporate Company eligible to sign up for U PayLater™ with 1 line 1 phone, subject to Device Matrix Bundle Entitled based on paid-up capital of the company
Individual One NRIC One time can apply U PayLater™ Plan

Which rate plans are eligible for U PayLater™ sign-up?

U PayLater™ sign-up is applicable for U Postpaid™ UBiz 98.

If my SIM card is still not working? Contact U Mobile

If the issue persists, contact U Mobile customer service. Your SIM card might be malfunctioning. They may need to fix or replace their end.

What Should I Do If My U Mobile Sim Card Is Not Registered On The Network?

Here are the steps you can take to troubleshoot unregistered U Mobile sim cards:

  1. Restart Your Device:
    A quick restart may resolve the issue you’re facing.
  2. Reinsert Your SIM Card:
    Turn off your device, remove the SIM card, clean off any dust, and reinstall it.
  3. Check for Network Coverage:
    Ensure you’re in an area with good network coverage, especially if you’re in a basement or a remote location.
  4. Manual Network Selection:
    Navigate to ‘Network & Internet’, ‘Mobile Network’, ‘Advanced’, and ‘Network operators’ in your phone settings. Choose U Mobile manually.
  5. Check for Outages:
    Visit U Mobile’s social media or contact customer service to check for any ongoing outages or maintenance.
U Mobile Plan for iPhones. The lineup includes

The highly anticipated U mobile iPhone 14.
iPhone 14 Plus.
iPhone 14 Pro.
iPhone 14 Pro Max.
The compact yet powerful iPhone 13 mini.

These devices have innovative features and cutting-edge technology that deliver an exceptional user experience. From the stunning displays to the powerful processors, these iPhones offer seamless performance and impressive capabilities.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a gaming fan, or simply looking for a reliable smartphone, U Mobile package iPhone is perfect to suit your needs. With U Mobile iPhone reliable network coverage and competitive plans, you can enjoy the features and benefits of these top-of-the-line devices without hassle.

How Do I Know If My U Mobile Sim Card Is Activated?

Activate your U Mobile sim card using these methods:

  • To check if your U Mobile SIM card is activated, call or send a text message. If your call or text message is answered, your SIM is activated.
  • If you can browse the Internet or use online apps without Wi-Fi, your U Mobile SIM card is active.
  • Dial*118*3*7*3# to  U Mobile  check  balance or using the U Mobile app. You can retrieve the balance of your U Mobile SIM card if you can connect to it.
  • Contacting customer support: If you need clarification, call U Mobile customer service at 1318 using your U Mobile phone number.they can assist you in activating your SIM card.
  • Remember that the SIM card may take many hours to a day to activate once you purchase it.
5G Volte Device Capable List

You can verify VoLTE is enabled by looking at the setting in the following locations: Android Phones: Depending on the device here the list of phone device u may download and check through

How to Register U Mobile Business Postpaid Plans?

UMobile Business SSM Sample

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58 OR Form B & D
Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
Director Signature & Person in Charge detail

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    Step 4

    Make it easy just chop n sign

    5G Rahmah Phone Device Realme 11x

    Step 5

    Make sure the information is correct

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    Step 6

    Everything complete phone reach within 3-5 days

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