This is a Wonderful Blacklist also can register U Mobile Postpaid Plan?

U Mobile Business announces U Postpaid 38 Lite and U Postpaid 68 Lite Plans specially for Customer who has blacklisted with any telco service provider.


Limited to sim only plan

U Mobile Postpaid 38 without contract plan



Limited to Personal Only



MNP & New Registration only

(TOS/CRP excluded)


Registration here



1 Line per NRIC


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Everything you should know the FAQ: U POSTPAID 38 (LITE) & U POSTPAID 68 (LITE) for Blacklist Customers

Who can sign up for the U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite) rate plan?

All Malaysians or Permanent Residents above 18 years old can sign up for the U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite).
The plan is available for new registrations only.
Non-Malaysian citizen is not allowed to sign up this rate plan.

What is U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite)?

They are our new 4G & 5G Postpaid subscription services with high-speed data quota per month with no speed cap. There are no extra charges when the data quota has been fully used. The Data speed will be throttled down to 64kbps upon full utilization of the Data quota.

Is U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite) a 5G Postpaid plan?

Yes, it is. All U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite) subscribers with eligible 5G mobile devices in the Live 5G areas can access and experience the 5G service.

Where can | sign up for U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite)?

You may sign up U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite) Contact our Enterprise U Mobile Business Partner 013 451 3131

Can I transfer U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite) to another person?

Transfer of ownership is not allowed for U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite).

Can I upgrade my U Postpaid 38 (Lite) to U Postpaid 68 (Lite)? How?

Yes. This can be done after 6 month’s tenure, look for us to assist you.

Can I perform change of rate plan for my U Postpaid 38 (Lite) or 68 (Lite) to the standard plan and take device?

Yes, however, this change of rate plan is subject to U Mobile’s assessment and discretion.

Can I take device with U Postpaid 38 (Lite) and U Postpaid 68 (Lite)?

The device bundle is eligible for non-Lite plans only. But after 6 month’s you can contact us to advise you on the way of taking the device plan

No more waiting. This is what you’ve been longing for!

This is amazing feedback from most of the blacklisted customers

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Using a prepaid sim pack is very troublesome always need to find an outlet for a top-up, data finish very fast and is very expensive which is why don’t know to use it. Now with U mobile postpaid 68 lite after 6 months I can upgrade to a device plan and get a Free Smartphone.

How to Register?

Talk To Us /Check Blacklist

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    u mobile plan postpaid 2021

    Only 1 line for Business

    Micro SME like you are not sure about the business’s sustainability or not, that why to apply the new line with the company name without a contract plan

    u mobile postpaid plan unlimited data

    Switch over enjoy saving up to RM21000

    Before this under M-Telco with a high mobile postpaid plan and tagging with a contract. After switching over we enjoy saving during this challenging time, this is the most important for this moment.

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