This is a Very Ridiculous offer from U Mobile Package Plan, it kills all of the Mobile Telco Business Postpaid Plan.

Give yourself 5 minutes to read through how it can benefit your businesses…

How Does This U Mobile Package Plan Bundle Promo Work?

This is a promotion of the Unbeatable U Biz 98 5 Lines Bundle campaign focuses on micro-SME bases such as Niaga Kedai Runcit, Food Store, Food Delivery, Hawker Stall, and many others.. as long your businesses have SSM for more than a year, you have the right to own it the U Mobile Phone Free.

Unbeatable 5G Bundle Offer Limited to Sim Card Plan & Phone Device

With Contract Plan

Sim card plan

Without Contract Plan

Sim Card Plan

the balance benefit all remain the same, just With Contract vs Without Contract Promo

u mobile offer
u mobile 5g package
u mobile phone offer

We mention FREE means Free RM0 no upfront payment

Below You Select One of the Latest 5G Devices with Unbeatable Savings

No Upfront Payment Required – Experience the Power of 5G Today!

customer services umobile
postpaid business plan

Introducing the all-new U Mobile Package Plan.

Enjoy an unbeatable experience in every way.

Unbeatable pakej u mobile postpaid

Unbeatable Value for the Family

Connect loved ones and get up to 6 U FamilyShare lines for only RM38/line with sharing from 1,000GB.  

Unbeatable pakej u mobile postpaid

Unbeatable Global Roaming

Enjoy 15GB free global roaming per month in 63 destinations and incoming calls when abroad.

Unbeatable pakej u mobile postpaid

Unbeatable Ownership of 5G Devices

Own the latest 5G devices and more with 0% instalment on U PayLater and get unbeatable savings with U SaveMore.

Unbeatable pakej u mobile postpaid

Unbeatable High-Speed Experience

Enjoy ultra-fast 1,000GB 5G High-Speed Data for all your internet needs and empower ALL your devices with the uncapped speeds of Ultra Hotspot.


If You sign up for the wrong plan it could cost you every month…

plan prepaid umobile

This is a family business as Kedai Runcit at Kampung No Business Signate, but is it a real business that has had SSM for more than a years.

u mobile new prepaid plan

We help them convert change owner name from prepaid to postpaid under their company name and enjoy savings up to RM2904 PLUS get FREE 2 units 5G Phone Devices without cost

To open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needed:

very simple you just send us your information SSM and then our team and complete what you want without being out of your office

UMobile Business SSM Sample

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58 OR Form B & D
Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
Director Signature & Person in Charge detail

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    This is the way to Create a Business Account with U Mobile Package Plan

    UMobile Business Plan

    SSM for Credit Check Approval

    Very simple just send us your SSM, IC, and picture of the Shop


    Chop & Sign

    You can sign and chop on any blank paper as the sample

    5G Rahmah Phone Device Realme 11x

    Relax and Enjoy 5G Phone

    Keep updating you on the process until you receive the smartphone

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