Discover What 5G Coverage Means To U.

Work and play like never before with ultra-fast 5G network.

U Mobile 5G Coverage device

10x to 100x Faster

Ultra-fast speeds so you can download and upload large data in no time.

5G Coverage

5x Quicker Response

Send and receive information more efficiently.

U Mobile 5G Coverage

1,000x More Connections

Bigger and stronger with one million connected devices per square kilometre.

U Mobile 5G Coverage signal

5x More Energy Efficient

Save more energy compared to earlier generations

Unbeatable Postpaid Plans For Your U Mobile Business Postpaid

Power your business with the best of all mobile experiences. ​

UBiz 38
UBiz 38 1

5G High-Speed Data

to All Networks

UBiz 68
UBiz 68 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE 5G Data Roaming in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand
U Mobile Free roaming

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


Enjoy More Savings with the latest devices

UBiz 98
UBiz 98 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE Global Roaming in 63 Destinations
63 country

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


0% INSTALMENT for 5G Devices

U Mobile 5G Coverage in Malaysia

U Mobile is one of the 5 major networks we have identified operating in Malaysia.

5G Coverage

5G Available Area Central

5G Coverage Available Area Northern

5G Available Area Northern

5G Coverage Available Area East Malaysia

5G Available Area East Malaysia

5G Coverage Available Area East Coast

5G Available Area East Coast

5G Coverage Available Area Southern

5G Available Area Southern

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Free International 5g international roaming plans No need to worry about extra roaming charges.

Switch to U Mobile Business U Postpaid & be Unbeatable with Free 63 Country 5G Global Roaming & Incoming

There are so many available 5G international roaming plans

Pass Name Price
7 Days ASEAN Plus pass (multi country pass) RM49
1 Day DataRoam Pass (single country pass) RM38
15 Days Data Roaming pass (multi country pass) RM89
30 Days World Unlimited Data (multi country pass) RM119


Maxis Roaming Plan

Good New!

U Mobile Business Postpaid U Biz 98 users can now enjoy RM0 15G Data Roaming when you visit 63 Country with 5G Global Roaming & Incoming!

5g international roaming plans

Not only 5G Coverage offered with  more Unbeatable At Home and Abroad

Experience unparalleled freedom through seamless travel with 15GB free global roaming & incoming calls under a supported 5G network when abroad in 63 destinations. 

roaming plan

U Mobile Business: Pay Less, Get More – Enjoy Luxury Service!

U Mobile Postpaid 38 buy 2 free 1 promo
U Mobile Business postpaid promo
U Mobile business 5G

U Mobile Device Bundle for More Phone Device to Select:

U Mobile offers a wide range of devices for its customers to choose from, including the latest Apple iPhones. The lineup includes:

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See how u mobile business helps their business grow and reduce 50% saving from their existing mobile plan


Expanding their business and enjoying more saving

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