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RM25 per sim

24 Mths Contract

RM0 Deposit

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Sim Card Plan

the balance benefit all remain the same, just With Contract vs Without Contract Promo

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Normally this is the telco mobile bill similar to this:

maxis business under soho

Actually, we do no need a high mobile postpaid plan, nowadays almost 80% of all use WhatsApp and social media, and only 10% use it to make phone calls and most importantly can be reachable each time we make a call.

Are you Sure or Not! Can Save so much!

U Mobile business cut const plan

Remain your mobile phone number, just switch telco service, and choose the most cost-effective packages, and you can save up to 40% from your current mobile bill.
IT REALLY ATTRACTIVE: 5G High-Speed Network with a super low price, very reasonable!

Another Real Case Switch to U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan for Up to RM2400 Annual Savings!

Escape the burden of high mobile bills! Switch to U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan and pocket annual savings of up to RM2400. Say goodbye to complicated processes – whether you’re in the office or on the go, a quick call, WhatsApp, or a simple form fill-up below is all it takes. Let our team bring the savings to you. Make the smart move today!

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unlimited u mobile postpaid plan

Join the ranks of over 1,000 satisfied micro-SMEs, JMBs, home-based businesses, and Shopee sellers who have entrusted us with preserving their numbers and witnessed remarkable growth. Discover how our services have empowered businesses like yours to thrive and succeed.


Why does Building Management prefer to register the mobile number under JMB name!

Avoid the common issue of losing the Building Management Mobile Number due to committee member turnover or forgetfulness. Discover why Building Management prefers to register mobile numbers under the Badan Pengurusan Bersama (JMB) / Perbadanan Pengurusan (MC) / Joint Management Corporation (JMC) to ensure continuity and convenience.

It only costs RM38 per line per month vs of prepaid sometime tops up more than RM40-RM50, again is also no contract tag.


Save RM960 from Personal Name to the Company Name

Don’t let Telco D RM78 high monthly fees weigh you down. Make the switch to U Mobile’s cost-effective RM38 per month plan and streamline your business communication with WhatsApp. Enjoy the ease of connecting with customers while keeping track of all your conversations. Reduce expenses without sacrificing efficient customer engagement.

Easy to Apply | No Deposit | Fast Approval | Keep Your Number

Manuel Ukulele

Save RM7512 within 2 years after switch to U Mobile Business

Telco M U Mobile Business
RM98 RM25
RM48 RM25
RM98 RM25
RM48 RM25
RM98 RM25
RM48 RM25
RM 438 RM125

Our experts will thoroughly assess your mobile and operational requirements, tailoring a solution that meets your specific needs. Say goodbye to unnecessary extras and focus on what truly matters for your business.

Document For Enterprise Applications

U Mobile sample ssm

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

  1. SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58 OR Form B & D
  2. Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)

Director Signature & Person in Charge detail

  1. Full name:
  2. IC no:
  3. Position:
  4. Mobile:
  5. Email:
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    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Puan Syahirah

    Tak susah pun daftar U Mobile Business dengan nama niaga, boleh kekalkan number staff jikalau resign dan pelangan masih ikut saya semula. Niaga tetap berjalan lancar, lebih jimat dan untung lagi setiap dua tahun boleh dapat free smartphone. 😃

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    EK Lim

    Now all 5G data service is from DNB, so what to compare is the price. Because all 5G services are the same, what is the point of continuing to pay a high price, since RM25 UBiz 38 per month also has 5G service? Thank U Mobile Business for sharing with me the info, it really helps me reduce the costing.

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Watie Redzuan

    Dahulu Plan RM98 sebulan sekarang daftar atas Nama niaga hanyak RM25 sebulan, U Mobile Business nama niaga adalah lebih jimat, lebih untung, dan proses yang begitu senang. Saya amat gembira dengan perubahan ini!

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams


    Sebelum ni saya guna Branded dan No 1 mobile postpaid Telco, tapi kebelakanggan ni selalu drop call, tak dapat hubungi, kadang-kala geram juga. Tapi sekarang dah masuk 5G jadi saya sedang cari tengok mana Telco yang sesuai, manatau U Mobile adalah paling berbaloi, jangan bazirkan wang. Daftar dengan nama company lagi jimat, lagi untung.

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    GF Teh

    Even the Branded service is also very dissatisfied with various services, the question is whether to choose a brand or prioritize the price. Example: RM25 60Gb vs RM79 120Gb per line per month, most important just want to keep the mobile no# for the WhatsApp service. So which u select?

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Mandy Lim

    We are a Franchise Brand Midyson Hair and Scalp Wellness almost 20 outlets across Malaysia, each outlet costs us RM25 per line per month x 20 outlets = RM500 VS RM98 x 20 outlets = RM1960, it really helps us save up to RM1460 x 24 months = RM35k. How about your company?

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Celine Cheah

    After the 3G network shut down, the quality of voice and data services became worse across all telco’s in-service performance.
    Now all 5G network is from DNB provider to Telco meaning service will be the same, what to compare will be the price. Don’t struggle with money from your pocket, select the unbeatable price.

    U Mobile Business Postpaid teams

    Cik Aki

    Sebagai pemilik perniagaan kecil, saya selalu top up lebih RM100 rugi nya… Jadi Sekarang saya hanyak bayar RM25 untuk satu line sahaja ada bill untuk potongan cukai dan menjimatkan banyak wang

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