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Starting a business is an exciting venture but can also be overwhelming. An efficient and reliable mobile service provider is crucial to establishing a successful business. U Mobile business plan are customized to meet the specific needs of entrepreneurs like you. Here, we will explore the U Mobile business plans, and how they can help your business thrive in today’s fast-paced digital world. From unlimited data to seamless connectivity, U Mobile has got you covered. So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, keep reading to find out why U Mobile should be your go-to choice for mobile services.

Unbeatable pakej u mobile postpaid

Unbeatable High-Speed Experience

Get ultra-fast 1000GB 5G data for all your internet needs! Power up your devices with uncapped speeds through Ultra Hotspot for seamless connectivity

u mobile Unbeatable postpaid plan

Unbeatable Global Roaming

Enjoy 15GB of free global roaming every month across 63 destinations. Stay in touch with incoming calls wherever your adventures take you.

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Unbeatable Ownership of 5G Devices

Grab the latest 5G devices with 0% instalment on U PayLater. Enjoy unbeatable savings with U SaveMore

u mobile Unbeatable postpaid plan

Unbeatable Value for the Family

Stay connected with your loved ones! Secure up to 6 U FamilyShare lines at just RM38/line, all sharing from a massive pool of 1000GB.

What Is U Mobile Business Postpaid?

People who want to buy U Mobile’s new affordable cell phone packages should take advantage of this opportunity. With affordable UMobiles Postpaid packages, you can find a plan that suits your needs and budget. You won’t need to worry about paying too many monthly fees.
UMobile offers a variety of plans based on your usage. No matter where you live or how frequently you travel, you can use it.
UMobiles has a plan that might suit your needs. It’s time to know more about them if you have not heard them! It’s worth looking into them. Cheap U Mobiles business plans might surprise you with good service quality without compromising coverage area and rate.

UBiz 38
UBiz 38 1

5G High-Speed Data

to All Networks

UBiz 68
UBiz 68 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE 5G Data Roaming in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand
U Mobile Free roaming

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


Enjoy More Savings with the latest devices

UBiz 98
UBiz 98 1

5G High-Speed Data


FREE Global Roaming in 63 Destinations
63 country

to All Networks

FREE 5G Devices
(36 months contract)


0% INSTALMENT for 5G Devices

U Mobile Business Plan – your gateway to success in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. With U Mobile Unlimited hotspot and seamless connectivity, we’ve got all your business needs covered. Ready to elevate your business? Keep reading to find out why U Mobile is the smart choice for your mobile services. Let’s take your business to new heights together!

What Is the UMobile Postpaid Plan?

The UMobile Postpaid Plan is a comprehensive package offered by U Mobile specifically designed for businesses. It includes device plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With the UMobile Postpaid , businesses can choose flexible and customizable options to suit their communication requirements.

This includes unlimited calls and texts, generous data allowances, and additional features like roaming and international calling options. In addition, businesses can opt for device plans that allow them to acquire the latest smartphones and tablets at competitive prices, enabling employees to stay connected and productive on the go.

With reliable network coverage and dedicated customer support, the UMobile Postpaid is ideal for businesses looking for cost-effective and efficient communication solutions.

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U Mobile Business postpaid promo
U Mobile business 5G

U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan

U Mobile Business Postpaid plan is the best postpaid plan malaysia. A popular choice among busy professionals and heavy data users, U Mobile’s postpaid plan provides high-speed data connectivity, unlimited calls and texts, and other value-added services. Here, we’ll explore u mobile unlimited postpaid plan.


Enjoy your free global roaming and unlimited data roaming at selected destinations!


15Gb Global Roaming


Incoming calls When Abroad


63 Country Destinations

FREE Smartphone for Biz Users

Be Unbeatable with our new U Biz Plans.

U Mobile Free Phone Plan

Enjoy interest-Free instalment with U PayLater & unbeatable device savings with U SaveMore.

5G International Roaming Plans

No need to worry about extra roaming charges.

u mobile roaming

Switch to U Mobile Business U Postpaid & be Unbeatable with Free 63 Country 5G Global Roaming & Incoming

How to register for UMobile Business with Company Name?

If you don’t sign up for U Mobile Business Plan, you might miss out on the game. Your competitors are already on board, enjoying significant savings, and that’s why they’re raking in great profits for their employees. Don’t let your business fall behind—join U Mobile and level the playing field.

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

UMobile Business SSM Sdn Bhd Sample

Company Type of Sdn Bhd

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58

UMobile Business SSM Sample

Company Type of Sole Prop & Partnership

Borang E, Owner Information & Business information is required.

Whether a small startup or an established enterprise, U Mobile has covered you. This plan provides everything you need to stay connected and productive, from unlimited calls and texts to generous data allowances.
Take the opportunity to take your business to the next level with the U Mobile Business Plan. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.

Upgrade Your Business Communication: Unbeatable iPhone

The contract ends and it is time to change the expensive mobile bill, see how it works

Cut Costs on Mobile Plans

The U Mobile Business Plan offers a comprehensive solution for businesses needing reliable and affordable mobile services. It is the cheapest postpaid plan in Malaysia . With its range of features and flexible options, this plan is customized to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Need Assistance?

    Umobile Postpaid Plan

    Umobile postpaid plan is the best postpaid plan malaysia. A popular choice among busy professionals and heavy data users, U Mobile’s postpaid plan provides high-speed data connectivity, unlimited calls and texts, and other value-added services. Here, we’ll explore u mobile unlimited postpaid plan.

    U Mobile Postpaid Payment
    U Mobile offers convenient and hassle-free options to pay u mobile bill online.
    It offers a variety of convenient and secure options for U Mobile postpaid payment. Customers can choose to make payments through online banking, credit or debit card, or direct debit from their bank account.

    These payment methods ensure that customers can easily manage their bills and stay connected without any hassle. In addition to these traditional payment options, U Mobile also provides an innovative feature called Auto Debit, which allows customers to automatically pay their monthly bills using their preferred payment method.

    This ensures that payments are made on time and eliminates the risk of late fees or service interruptions. With U Mobile’s seamless and flexible payment options, customers can enjoy a worry-free experience and stay connected at all times.

    U Mobile Device Plan

    U Mobile offers a wide range of device plans to suit every individual’s needs.The U Mobile Device Plan also includes generous data allowances and unlimited calls and texts, so you can stay connected wherever you go. Whether you are a heavy data user or simply need a reliable device for everyday use, U Mobile has a plan that is perfect for you. With flexible payment options and excellent customer service, U Mobile makes it easy for you to get the device you want without breaking the bank.

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