Unbeatable Mobile Postpaid Plan

5G Ready and Affordable: U Mobile Postpaid Plan is the Best Choice for Your Business Mobile Needs

The Mobile Postpaid Plan Comparison for Businesses in Malaysia

Introducing the all-new U mobile postpaid plan – the unbeatable choice for your business needs! With monthly rates starting from as low as RM38 and up to 1000GB data, our Postpaid plans will help keep your business growing. Plus, now with 5G capabilities.

UBiz 38
UBiz 38 1

5G High-Speed Data






FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

UBiz 68
UBiz 68 1

5G High-Speed Data

U Mobile Free roaming

FREE 5G Data Roaming in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand


FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

UBiz 98
UBiz 98 1

5G High-Speed Data

63 country

FREE Global Roaming in 63 DESTINATIONS


FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

• Hotspot Unlock is available for all NEW U Biz 38, 68 and 98 customer who activates from 10 Feb onwards
• Hotspot Unlock feature is available for life once customer have it
• [COMING SOON] for Existing U Biz 38, 68 and 98 customers to enjoy Hotspot Unlock as well

At U Mobile Business, we offer premium mobile postpaid plans that help your business stand out from the crowd. Check out our Prestige Postpaid Plans for even more options.

Unbeatable U Mobile Just 3 Plans vs The Best Mobile Postpaid Plan in Malaysia

U Mobile postpaid vs

U Mobile Postpaid 38, subscribers enjoy unlimited calls and a generous 120GB 5G hotspot high-speed data allocation. What’s remarkable is that this plan offers more value at a significantly lower price point compared to other telcos, with the minimum entry level being RM79 or RM80 for principal lines with 120GB 5G data.

u mobile postpaid vs celcomdigi

In fact, U Mobile Postpaid 38 is even more affordable than supplementary lines from other telcos, which typically start at RM48 per line. It’s evident that U Mobile Postpaid 38 stands out as the most cost-effective business mobile postpaid plan in Malaysia.

Our Best Value Plans range from Mobile Data Plans to the latest Device Bundles, so there’s an option for everyone.

With our Prestige Postpaid Plans and latest device bundles, stand out and stay connected. Enjoy ultra-fast internet speeds and stay cost-effective compared to other telcos. Discover the top 5 wireless broadband plans in Malaysia, with U Mobile at the forefront. 

Top 5 Wireless Broadband Plans You Can Get In Malaysia
1. U Mobile Business
2. Celcom Home Wireless Broadband ·
3. Maxis Business WiFi GO
4. Unifi Air
5. Digi Postpaid Infinite

Open Signal Report coverage availability

Unbeatable Mobile Postpaid Plan
  • U Mobile leading the coverage availability among the top 4 Telco.

  • U Mobile overall LTE coverage population as of Q2 2022 93%

Get the best of everything with ultra-fast 1,000GB 5G High-Speed Data for all your internet needs. In fact, U Mobile is ranked as the top wireless broadband plan in Malaysia, beating out Celcom Home Wireless Broadband, MaxisONE Go WiFi, Unifi Air, and Digi Postpaid Infinite.

Choose U Mobile Business for all your mobile postpaid plan needs and take your business to the next level!

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