Samsung Galaxy M14 5G

U Mobile Business Postpaid Free 5G Phone Device

Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Exclusively Yours with U Mobile Business Postpaid!

Dreams do come true! U Mobile Business Postpaid customers, claim your Samsung Galaxy M14 5G for free. Keep your number, why pay when your loyalty earns you free Samsung M14 5G – we turn dreams into reality!

UMobile Samsung M14 5G
U Mobile Samsung M14 5G sped

Don’t Change your Mobile Number for 2 or 3 years, and Keep Your Mobile Number! FREE Samsung M14 5G with U Mobile Business, Because of your Loyalty, and we Level Up Your Tech.

U Mobile Samsung M14 5G

UBiz 68, a 36-month contract means the device is yours with an upfront payment of RM612. Experience a rebate of RM17 each month, reducing your bill to just RM51 after the rebate.

UBiz 98 with a 24-month contract, paying an upfront RM600. Enjoy a RM25 monthly rebate, bringing your bill down to only RM73 after the rebate.

The choice is yours – act now and step into the world of Samsung M14 5G ownership with U Mobile Business Postpaid!

Here is the Upfront payment bank detail for the U Mobile phone device purchase:

Company name: U Mobile Sdn Bhd BRN No. 199101013657 (223969-U)
Bank: CIMB BANK BERHAD Account: 9885 5900 4000 02

Unbeatable U Mobile Phone Deals: Proof in the Purchase! Witness one customer’s journey to iPhone ownership with U Mobile’s incredible plans. Happy tears guaranteed!

Dedicated Customer Service

Unbeatable U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan

U Mobile UBiz 98

Register Personal Name or Company Name?

Business Name

If you have your own business, we recommend switching to U Mobile Business and you can own the Samsung M14 5G device immediately.

Personal Name

If register under a personal name, by switching over to U Mobile Business, we will manage your payment record. Once you are on the whitelist, you can have the Samsung M14 5G device immediately.

How to register for U Mobile Business Postpaid with Company Name?

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

UMobile Business SSM Sdn Bhd Sample

Company Type of Sdn Bhd

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58

UMobile Business SSM Sample

Company Type of Sole Prop & Partnership

Borang E, Owner Information & Business information is required.

Need Assistance? Just WhatsApp Us! Our U Mobile Customer Service Team is Here to Provide Personalized Support

Register U Mobile Business Postpaid with a Friendly

Registering for a U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan is as easy as having a chat with us! No need to step out of your office – our officers will guide you through WhatsApp. We’ve already assisted numerous micro SMEs in smoothly registering their mobile postpaid plans under their company name. Save on your mobile bills, choose your preferred phone device, and let’s make it hassle-free for you! Chat with us today to get started.

u mobile plan 1

Step 1

Send us your SSM & IC Copy

u mobile 1

Step 2

As sample is that simple

u mobile postpaid plan with phone

Step 3

Snap some picture proof of the business

u mobile postpaid plan 1

Step 4

Make it easy just chop n sign

5G Rahmah Phone Device Realme 11x

Step 5

Make sure the information is correct

u mobile device 2

Step 6

Everything complete phone reach within 3-5 days

u mobile business postpaid 5G bundle
u mobile business postpaid 5G bundle

U Mobile Device Bundle for More Phone Device to Select:

U Mobile offers a wide range of devices for its customers to choose from, including the latest Apple iPhones. The lineup includes:

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