The best WiFi Unlimited With 5G Network, Now Available Business & Home.

5G Network

Unlimited 5G Broadband

Enjoy unlimited fibre-like speeds to keep your family and devices connected.

5G Network

No Contract

Enjoy ultimate flexibility as you will not be tied down by any contract. 

5G Network

No Installation

Greater convenience and accessibility nationwide – minus the hassle of installation and appointments. 

5G Network

Only Sim Plan

new ultra-fast 5G & 4G broadband subscription service with unlimited data.

WiFi internet Fibre-like Speeds At Home For All!

5G Network WiFi Unlimited

Sim Plan | Fuss-free | Contract-free | Wire-free.​

How to register for U Home 5G for Personal or Company Name?

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

Company Name

Whether you are Small Business, Home Business, Online Niaga, or Hawker store, as long you have SSM or a company registered with Government Malaysia then you can apply it without any deposit and advance payment

Personal Name

The personal name will be easier, just need your iC copy and your address for delivery. Before this, Our teams will check the blacklist first. if is clear then you can have the WiFi Unlimited 5G Sim Card sent to your home or workplace address.

Need Assistance? Just WhatsApp Us! Our U Mobile Customer Service Team is Here to Provide Personalized Support

WiFi internet Fibre-like Speeds At Business & Home For All!

Experience the power of fibre-like speeds to its full potential with 5G Wi-Fi routers.​
For more information, log on to ZTE’s official website or official e-commerce stores.​

ZTE MC801A1 (5G)

ZTE MC801A1 (5G)

RRP RM1699 WiFi Router Modem

ZTE MC801A1 (5G)

ZTE MC8020 (5G)

RRP RM1799 WiFi Router Modem

ZTE MC801A1 (5G)

ZTE MF286C (4G)

RRP RM399 WiFi Router Modem

Easily Apply via WhatsApp to Keep Your Records Safe

Choose WhatsApp for Applications with Peace of Mind! Unlike meetups and voice calls that lack records, WhatsApp ensures a secure process while keeping your valuable documentation intact. Safeguard your information and enjoy the convenience of traceable communications. Apply today and experience worry-free transactions!

UMobile Business SSM Sdn Bhd Sample

Just IC Copy

Need Assistance? Just WhatsApp Us! Our U Mobile Customer Service Team is Here to Provide Personalized Support

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Level Up Your WiFi Internet with 5G Network for Your Business & Home Today!

Got Questions? Ask Us Anything! We Have the Answers You Need for Your Business.

This is U Home 5G Launch Promo, and it is also available for business because it really worth

WiFi Internet 5G Network

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