If You’re Planning to Apply for a Mobile Business Phone Line for WhatsApp.

This is What You Want,” The Unbeatable Lower Fees with the Perfect Mobile Business Phone Line for WhatsApp, Custom-Designed for Your Business Needs!

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This is the real case: The company is seeking a new mobile business phone line specifically for WhatsApp to enhance customer service. As you explore various telecom providers, take a look at their mobile plans tailored for businesses.

These are the 4 best Mobile Postpaid for Business Phone line

UMobile Business Postpaid Plan

UMobile Business Postpaid Plan the entry-level start from UBiz 38, RM38 per line without a contract.
This plan provides an affordable solution for businesses seeking a mobile phone line for WhatsApp and customer service purposes.

Maxis Business Postpaid Plan

Maxis Business Postpaid Plan the entry-level start from MBP 98, RM98 per line. Additionally, the current promotion is where new numbers can receive a rebate of RM20 per month for 24 months of the contract.

Celcom Business Postpaid Plan

Celcom Business Postpaid Plan the entry-level start from MEGA Lightning 80, RM80 per line tag with 24 months contract.

Digi Business Postpaid Plan

Digi Business Postpaid Plan the entry-level start from Go Digi 80, RM80 per line tag with 24 months contract.

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Here is the comparison for the Mobile Postpaid Business Phone line

UMobile Maxis Celcom Digi
Plan Ubiz 38 MBP 98 ML 80 GoDigi 80
Fee RM38 RM98 RM80 RM80
Data 60Gb 60Gb 40Gb 40Gb
Call Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contract Nil 24 mths 24 mths 24 mths
Rebate (RM13) (RM20) Nil Nil
Contract 24 mths 24 mths 24 mths 24 mths
U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan

Referring to two options offered by UMobile Business to start a plan:

A. UBiz 38: This option allows you to apply for the plan without a contract. The fee for this option is RM38 per line.
B. Bundle Promo (Buy 2 Free 1) for UBiz 38 with a contract: This option offers a promotional deal where you can get three lines for the price of two. With this bundle, you will have three lines in total, and the fee is RM25 per line.

These options provide different choices for businesses interested in UMobile Business plans, allowing them to select the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

During these challenging times, it’s crucial to make cost-conscious decisions and save where possible. If you require any assistance or further information, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to provide full support and serve you..

See how u mobile business helps their business grow and reduce 30% saving from their existing mobile plan

business postpaid plan

Switch Over without contact also Save up to RM3500

GrabFood Rider Daftar UMobile Business Plan

U know why? Food delivery also owns a business postpaid line, how about you?

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