U Mobile Business 5G Sim Card Postpaid Plan is the No.1 Hotspot Plan in Malaysia Up to 1,000GB 5G High-Speed Data.

Keep your business going and growing with our best SIM Card Postpaid plans.
Whether your business is small or enterprise level, we got you covered.

Unbeatable Postpaid Plans For Your Business

Introducing the all-new U mobile postpaid plan – the unbeatable choice for your business needs!
With monthly rates starting from as low as RM38 and up to 1000GB data, our Postpaid plans will help keep your business growing. Plus, now with 5G capabilities.

UBiz 38
UBiz 38 1

5G High-Speed Data






FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

UBiz 68
UBiz 68 1

5G High-Speed Data

U Mobile Free roaming

FREE 5G Data Roaming in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand


FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

UBiz 98
UBiz 98 1

5G High-Speed Data

63 country

FREE Global Roaming in 63 DESTINATIONS


FREE 5G Devices

(36-mth Contract)

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U Mobile Business Offering Sim Card Plan with Contract and without Contract Plan

U Mobile Business announces U Postpaid 38 Lite and U Postpaid 68 Lite Plans specially for Customer who has blacklisted with any telco service provider.

Unbeatable 5G Bundle Offer Limited to Sim Card Plan & Phone Device

With Contract Plan

Sim card plan

Without Contract Plan

Sim Card Plan

the balance benefit all remain the same, just With Contract vs Without Contract Promo

u mobile offer
u mobile 5g package
u mobile phone offer

5 units of 5G Flagship devices to choose from

Enjoy payment flexibility with 0% installment as low as RM99/month. Choose from 5 5G Flagship phone with U PayLater

VIVO X80 Pro 5G
maxis business plan device
Samsung S22 Ultra 5G
device maxis broadband plan
maxis phone device
iPhone 14 Pro 128Gb
device umobile
umobile device package

Everything you should know the Unbeatable 5G Bundle Offer

5 units of 5G Flagship devices to choose from

5 5G Flagship phone with U PayLater limited to phone device stock available

5 lines per bundle

Minimum 5 Official Corporate lines in single bill

RM50/month per line for our unbeatable package
  • 1000Gb 5G High Speed Data
  • 15Gb Global Roaming Data in 63 destinations
  • Unlimited Incoming call in 63 destinations
  • Unlimites Calls to All Networks
RM50 for subsequent line

5 lines not enough? Additional lines will also be RM50/line

Cancel the contract how is the penalty fee

For U Biz 98 Sim Card Postpaid Plan: RM50 x remainder months of contract

Cancel the PayLater contract how is the penalty fee

(Device RRP – total installment fee paid) + (RM50 x remaining month)

The remaining number of months will be deemed to include the month during which you terminated your U PayLater.

How to cancel Sim Card Without Contract Plan

Simple just fill out the Service Request Form shop and sign by the Director email it to: eat.support@u.com.my cc: customer.service@ubusiness.com.my

Any Payment for Sim Card Postpaid Plan

No Deposit or Advance Payment, after the SSM Credit Check and Approval can process activation and enjoy the 5G Service

Advance payment of PayLater

3 months upfront payment applies as a sample:

Ubiz 99 Plan RM50 + U PayLater RM99 (Honor Magic 4 Pro) = RM149 x 3 months

= RM447

Payment directly to:
Company name: U Mobile Sdn Bhd
BRN No. 199101013657 (223969-U)
Account no: 9885 5900 4000 02

Have Question just ask us our Business Dedicated Support always happy to serve you.

    u mobile custoemr service

    Here’s what you’ll need to do to port-in your personal or business lines to U Mobile Business

    1. Keep your current line active.
    2. Clear any outstanding bills or contract obligations to your current provider.
    3. Ensure the mobile number you want to port-in is registered under your ID (NRIC, Passport or Army ID).
    4. If you are a supplementary line holder, please get your principal line holder to perform the switch.

    During port-in

    1. After submitting your request to U Mobile, your current provider will send you a confirmation SMS.
    2.  Make sure you and your supplementary lines (if any) follow the onscreen instructions before the stated deadlines. SMS replies are case sensitive.
    3. Keep the provided U Mobile SIM carefully.
    4. Once your current provider’s SIM is no longer working, switch to the U Mobile SIM provided.

    Another Attractive Sim Card Postpaid Plan BUY 2 FREE 1!


    UBiz 38 targets businesses registered with SSM that aim to reduce mobile postpaid costs. We help them convert from prepaid to postpaid under their company name. This bundled U Biz 38 plan offers a remarkable price of only RM25 per line per month. In fact, we’ve helped numerous businesses slash their mobile postpaid bills by up to 50% compared to their previous plans.

    U Mobile Postpaid 38 without contract plan
    U Mobile Postpaid 38 with contract plan

    Everything you should know the BUY 2 FREE 1 Offer

    What is this promotion about?

    ‘Buy 2 Free 1’ Enterprise campaign focuses on micro-SME base to ease micro- SMEs fixed commitment and allows them to focus on their business more.

    Who can sign up for this promotion?

    Only Corporate Companies with valid BRN is allowed to sign up for this campaign

    How many lines can I sign up?

    Each company can sign up for one (1) bundle only , which consist of three (3) Postpaid 38 Biz plan

    Am I allowed to upgrade from my existing plan to this promotion?

    No, this campaign is only for new line activation or MNP Port-in only.

    How long is the commitment period for this promotion?

    There is a 12 months commitment period from the activation of the Postpaid 38 Biz plan

    Do I need to pay 1 month advance access fee for this promotion?

    No, there is no 1 month advance access fee when you sign-up today !

    Where can I sign up for this promotion?

    Call or WhatsApp us at 013 4513131 today or email: customer.service@ubusiness.com.my

    Can I terminate my service within the 12 months commitment period?

    Yes, you can terminate your service anytime but there will be charges involved.

    You are required to pay back the remainder of the contract using the rateplan’s RRP and it is calculated as per below:

    Balance charges = RM38 x remaining number of months

    The remaining number of months will be deemed to include the month during which you terminated the phone package.

    Example: If you terminate in Month 5, the U Mobile Postpaid 38 Biz RRP is RM38, you are required to pay U Mobile RM38 x 8 = RM304 per line.

    the balance benefit all remain the same, just With Contract vs Without Contract Promo


    u mobile plan postpaid 2021

    Only 1 line for Business

    Micro SME like you are not sure about the business’s sustainability or not, that why to apply the new line with the company name without a contract plan

    u mobile postpaid plan unlimited data

    Switch over enjoy saving up to RM21000

    Before this under M-Telco with a high mobile postpaid plan and tagging with a contract.


    Expanding their business

    Midyson applies without a contract plan with the most valuable starting plan just only RM38,

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