Just RM38 U Mobile Postpaid Plan Without Contract for SME Businesses

Are you a business owner operating from home or shops? Get the best U Mobile Business Postpaid plan – suitably created for micro, small & home businesses like yours.

Enjoy the best Value For Your Business

Unbeatable mobile postpaid
Unbeatable u mobile postpaid
Unbeatable postpaid mobile

No worrying | No contract | Nationwide coverage | No hassle | Free SIM delivery

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Business Mobile Postpaid Plan as an eligible company customer, you can choose to subscribe to the plans with either a 12-month contract or without a contract.

Malaysia Businesses SME & Corporate Mobile Postpaid Plans Comparison

Get Unbeatable Value from RM38 per line per month without contract

U Mobile Digi Celcom Maxis
Plan U Biz 38 Go Digi 78 MEGA 80 Postpaid 98
Fee RM 38 RM 78 RM 80 RM 98
Unlimited Call YES YES YES YES
Data 30 Gb 40 Gb 50 Gb 50 Gb
Contract Nil 24 month 24 month 24 month
Malaysia Businesses SME Corporate Mobile Postpaid Plans Comparison

We’ve got you covered with 5G data, No Contract. No Hidden Fees, Free SIM & Free Delivery, Get the best price for Unlimited

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How & Where to Apply the U Mobile Business

U Mobile Business offers no-contract service and can cancel anytime if you are not happy with the service. Not only that the extry level also very low commitment just only RM38 per line per month.

Broadband Plan

See how u mobile business helps their business grow and reduce 50% saving from their existing mobile plan


Expanding their business and enjoying more saving

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