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When we say “Unbeatable UMobile iPhone prices,” it means that the prices offered by UMobile Business for iPhones are highly competitive and cannot be matched by other providers in the market.

iPhone 14

U SaveMore Exclusive Offer: iPhone Plan at RM98/month with  Unbeatable Rebates up to RM2550!
U PayLater Exclusive Offer: iPhone Plan at RM98/month with 0% Installment Plan for as Low as RM128/month!

Unbeatable U Mobile Postpaid Plans Special for iPhone 14

UBiz 98
Blacklist Postpaid Plan
Blacklist Postpaid Plan
Blacklist Postpaid Plan

Business Name

If you have your own business, we recommend switching to UMobile Business and you can own the iPhone device immediately.

Personal Name

If register under a personal name, by switching over to UMobile Business, we will manage your payment record. Once you are on the whitelist, you can have the iPhone device immediately.

Get Your iPhone Easily with UMobile Business – Switch and Enjoy the Benefits!

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UMobile iPhone Plan U SaveMove vs U PayLater

let us share with you the example of iPhone 14 256Gb calculation and how it works

u mobile iphone list

U SaveMore™

Is a bundled service where you can subscribe to U Biz™ 98 Postpaid plans with a Device offered by U Mobile.

This is an Incredible Deal in the Market.

iPhone 14 256Gb with RM3049 with monthly fee of RM68

iPhone 14 256Gb RRP RM 4699
RM720 UpFront Payment for UBiz 98 (Rebate RM30 x 24 mths)
RM3049 One-time payment for iPhone Device

Your monthly bill will be RM68 per month
RM98 – RM30 = RM68 per month

Monthly Bill RM68 Own the iPhone 14 256Gb with RM3049
Enjoy the Rebate Up to RM 1650

Once porting is complete you just need to pay RM3769 to own the iPhone

Tell us if you found which telco is lower the UMobile Iphone Plan

U PayLater™

Subscribers who are eligible to sign up for U PayLater™ plan can choose to pay for a device on a monthly instalment basis 0% interest charges.

This is Unbeatable Prices in the Market.

iPhone 14 256Gb installment fee RM147 + UBiz 98 total monthly fee is RM245

iPhone 14 256Gb RRP RM 4699
With U PayLater Plan 0% 🤩 Enjoy the Rebate of Up to RM 735, it is cheaper than purchasing from an iPhone shop.

🤔 U Believe it or not! With just RM735 UpFront Payment, You can Own it the New iPhone
RM294 UBiz 98 x 3 months
RM441 iPhone 14 256Gb RM147 x 3 months

RM735 will be used to pay your bill until the balance is exhausted, then start paying the monthly bill with RM245.

The total amount u need to pay is RM735 to U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

Here is the Upfront payment bank detail for the phone device purchase:

Company name: U Mobile Sdn Bhd BRN No. 199101013657 (223969-U)
Bank: CIMB BANK BERHAD Account: 9885 5900 4000 02

How to register for UMobile Business with Company Name?

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

UMobile Business SSM Sdn Bhd Sample

Company Type of Sdn Bhd

SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58

UMobile Business SSM Sample

Company Type of Sole Prop & Partnership

Borang E, Owner Information & Business information is required.

Need Assistance? Just WhatsApp Us! Our U Mobile Customer Service Team is Here to Provide Personalized Support

How do I switch to UMobile? 

Switching to UMobile Business is actually very simple, and the best part is, you don’t need to leave your office! Our dedicated UMobile Business Teams are here to assist you personally.

U Mobile iPhone 14 installament plan

Switch from Personal to Company Name

in the beginning, she wanted to apply for a U PayLater plan under her personal name. However, the U PayLater installment plan is only available to existing UMobile Postpaid Customers with a record of more than 2 years. After the UMobile Business teams had a conversation and understood that she owns her own business, they recommended that she register under the company name. This way, she can get the UMobile iPhone device immediately once the porting process is completed.

U Mobile iPhone 14 installament plan

Switch from Company to Company Name

At first, the company wanted to apply for a new number with the U PayLater iPhone Plan. However, this installment plan is only available to existing customers with a 2-year record of a postpaid account. During our conversation, our teams recommended that they switch over from the company account to enjoy the U PayLater Plan immediately and get the iPhone device without any waiting. There’s no need for an extra line or additional costs.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know!

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This is one o the sample UMobile manage to reduce Beyond TIMEs Venture mobile postpaid bill

UMobile Business Phone

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