VIVO X90 with U Mobile enjoy rebate up to RM1260 with U Biz 98 Plan

VIVO X90 is equipped with Dimensity 9200 processor, and its performance is 32% higher than that of the previous generation. The exterior design refers to the inspiration of Porsche’s penetrating taillights, and the back panel of the mobile phone has been reconstructed. The black “waistline” lies across the golden section of the fuselage Online, it was named “Ribbon Cloud Tier” by vivo. The battery life uses a 120-watt dual-cell flash charge, the battery capacity is 4810 mAh, and the remaining power is greater than 80% after 1460 cycles. It takes about 8 minutes to charge to 50% in ultra-fast mode.

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U mobile business is offering a two-option device bundle for SME & Corporate businesses to own the VIVO X90 5G

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Just sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan RM98 monthly fee 24 months contract able to enjoy a rebate for RM1260, or 0% installment plan RM116. Let us share with you how is the matrix of calculation.

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You are lucky now VIVO X90 5G pricing just revise, so you can have it at a lower price.

Example of calculation for VIVO X90 5G 12+256Gb RRP RM3699

Option 1: Device Plan
Get Unbeatable offer and you only RM2439
RM3699– RM2439 = RM1260 rebate with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with 24-month contract.
Device Upfront Payment RM600 will rebate back to your postpaid line as RM98 – RM25 = RM73. Meaning you are paying RM73 and enjoying the 1000Gb data plan.

Option 2: Instalment Plan

Get Unbeatable offer only pay RM116 for the phone device fee with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with a 24-month contract.RM116 x 24 month = RM2784

RM3699 – RM2784 = RM1915rebate

Advance Payment (3+3) = RM98 x 3 + RM116 x 3

= RM294 + RM348

= RM642

Meaning first 3 months you no need to pay, after that the fee is RM98 + RM116 = RM214 per month

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