Buy Galaxy Z Flip4 5G at Best Price ONLY RM3379

Even bigger savings! Own Flagship Smartphones and grab the Galaxy Z Flip4 with 0% instalment, plus RM583 instant rebate.


Let us share with you how is the  Galaxy Z Flip4 5G offer and why it so attractive


U mobile business is offering a two-option device bundle for SME & Corporate businesses to own the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G 8+256Gb RRP Retail Price RM4399

Option 1: Device Plan
Get Unbeatable offer and you only need to pay RM3379
RM4399 – RM3379 = RM1020 rebate with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with 24-month contract.
Device Upfront Payment RM600 will rebate back to your postpaid line as RM98 – RM25 = RM73. Meaning you are paying RM73 and enjoying the 1000Gb data plan.

Option 2: Instalment Plan
Get Unbeatable offer only pay RM159 for the phone device fee with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with a 24-month contract.
RM159 x 24 month = RM3816
RM4399 – RM3816 = RM583 rebate
Advance Payment (3+3) = RM98 x 3 + RM159 x 3
= RM294 + RM477
Meaning first 3 months you no need to pay bill, after that the fee is RM98 + RM159 = RM257 per month

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