SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA 12+512GB with U Mobile enjoy rebate up to RM1790 with U Biz 98 Plan

What makes SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA stand out is the use of recycled and eco-friendly materials. From recycled glass to the metal frame using plant-based fuels, environmental protection has become the main feature of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 series, taking into account the aesthetics of the product while also ensuring its excellent performance.

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U mobile business is offering a two-option device bundle for SME & Corporate businesses to own the SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA 12+512Gb

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Just sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan RM98 monthly fee 24 months contract able to enjoy a rebate for RM1790, or 0% installment plan RM209. Let us share with you how is the matrix of calculation.

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You are lucky now SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA 12+512Gbpricing just revise, so you can have it at a lower price.

Example of calculation for SAMSUNG GALAXY S23 ULTRA 12+512Gb RRP RM6199

Option 1: Device Plan
Get Unbeatable offer and you only RM4409
RM6199– RM4409 = RM1790 rebate with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with 24-month contract.
Device Upfront Payment RM600 will rebate back to your postpaid line as RM98 – RM25 = RM73. Meaning you are paying RM73 and enjoying the 1000Gb data plan.

Option 2: Instalment Plan

Get Unbeatable offer only pay RM209 for the phone device fee with Sign up Ubiz 98 Postpaid Plan with a 24-month contract.RM209 x 24 month = RM5016

RM6199 – RM5016 = RM1183rebate

Advance Payment (3+3) = RM98 x 3 + RM209 x 3

= RM294 + RM627

= RM921

Meaning first 3 months you no need to pay, after that the fee is RM98 + RM209 = RM307 per month

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