Here let us introduce you to the TOP 5 Mobile Postpaid Plans for personnel & company in Malaysia. Now, whenever we pick up our phone, we consume credits for mobile data, text messages, and calls. We’ve all also experienced being unable to send important text messages or our phones crashing due to lack of credit.

Well, that’s about to change once you sign up for one of our best postpaid plans in Malaysia! In this article, you can explore different data plans for your monthly credit, device coverage, and entertainment needs, let’s keep scrolling.

The Best Postpaid Plans in Malaysia

1. U Mobile Postpaid 38

u mobile

Our first postpaid plan will be the U Mobile Postpaid 38 plan, which is considered to be the cheapest plan on the market right now. Postpaid 38 will give users 30 GB of high-speed data and unlimited calling. But most importantly, the user can sign the package without binding any contract. Unlike other famous paid packages like Maxis or Celcom, you need to sign a 2-year contract with them. So if you think 30GB of data is enough for you and you need unlimited calling for your day job, this plan is the perfect solution for you.



Next, Celcom MEGA UNLIMITED. These postpaid plans will let you browse, watch videos and play all your favorite mobile games with 40GB mobile data credit. With the Pay Later plan, you only pay RM 0.20 for every text message you send to any network and any call you make. They are provided by Celcom for free, so you can make as many calls per month as you want without worry. Finally, you can get up to 3 supplemental family lines for you and your family members for an additional fee.

3.Maxis Postpaid 188

Maxis is known as one of the top 5G networks in Malaysia. With this, Maxis Postpaid 188 is the top choice among Maxis Postpaid plans, which is why we are focusing on it here. This is the best plan for families of up to 5 members as they offer up to 4 supplements for an additional RM 48 per month per line. It’s also great for those who travel a lot as you can turn on roaming data for only RM3 per day.

4. Digi Postpaid 60

Screenshot 2022 04 11 230848

Now, let’s take a look at some of the more affordable postpaid plans offered by Digi Postpaid. Digi Postpaid 60 is one of the provider’s 5 plans. The plan offers up to 6 supplementary routes at half the price per route. So your family and other family members only need RM 30 per month. They also offer add-on offers and gadget simulations, so you can easily share your hotspot with those around you.

5. Unifi Mobile Postpaid

unifi business postpaid plan

Finally, I will introduce the Unifi mobile postpaid package to you. With our nationwide connectivity coverage, Unifi offers the most mobile plans on the market, taking you away from the frustration of losing your mobile signal! From just RM19 per month, you can enjoy high-speed LTE data with an additional monthly hotspot pass! Plus, you can now sign up for your UniFi Mobile Postpaid plan online by filling out the form and we’ll have your SIM delivered to your door! Signing up for a new mobile plan has never been easier!

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u mobile plan postpaid 2021

Only 1 line for Business

Micro SME like you are not sure about the business’s sustainability or not, that why to apply the new line with the company name without a contract plan

u mobile postpaid plan unlimited data

Switch over enjoy saving up to RM21000

Before this under M-Telco with a high mobile postpaid plan and tagging with a contract. After switching over we enjoy saving during this challenging time, this is the most important for this moment.

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