Tired of run here and there to change ownership or your mobile service? Feel confused about how to change your mobile ownership? Want to switch to another telco but still bound by a contract?

You are at the right place, let us show you some solutions how to fix these problems. Of course, we will provide you with some examples of cases in how we assist our customers on this kind of issue. Nowadays ya, changing ownership of one line and also need to go to the telco service center, even customers are willing to go, some service centers still need a lot kind of documents like your father, mother, brother, or sister IC. Some still need you to write a letter, then how if i dun know English.. write in Chinese their staff also can’t read, which is very troublesome

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Here our customer Mr.Lim who facing such problem. Currently, Mr.Lim wants to transfer the mobile service under his mother`s name to his name so he can pay the bill altogether. But sadly, even though Mr.Lim calls to customer service or goes to a nearby center, the staff keeps asking Mr.Lim to write an authorized letter if want help his mother to transfer her mobile service ownership.

After all, the documents were prepared, Mr.Lim walk into the center and provided the authorized letter, but was told by the staff that he need to bring his mother comes over as need the thumbprint for verification. This pissed him off, and he look for us in our social media for complaint at first.


At first, we were surprised by the sudden accusations. But after we tried to communicate Mr. Lim’s situation, we found that Mr. Lim’s mother was too old to run around. That’s why he got pissed when he realized the center staff were trolling him and told him that he just needed a letter of authorization to not bring his mom over.

While through the conversation with Mr.Lim, we find out Mr.Lim is runing his own business. Then we suggested Mr.Lim, why don`t you just switch all your line to under business name? If switch over to under our business name, you can just spectate all your lines status & bill in one account. Moreover, no contract will be bounded. After some explanation, Mr.Lim is quite interested for this solution. 

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After confirm want to sign up with us, Mr.Lim was surprised by how convenience is the whole process was. Customers just need to send their info as below to us through WhatsApp or email. Then we will prepare & fill out all the forms u need. Customers just need to sign & chop, then wait for the service to be activated.

Documents for Company Registration:

u mobile business document request

Only for Company ah? I want to sign up for an individual can ? Why not !!

U mobile individual doc request

After a few days we submit the form, Mr.Lim received an email stating that all numbers including his mother`s number have been transferred to under company. Mr.Lim was very happy and satisfied with our service. After that, Mr.Lim gave a 5-star google review to us & included a lot of customers to us. Until today, Mr.Lim is still one of our loyal customers.

If you are interested in this kind of solution or have any inquiries regarding the package or service? You can contact us here !!! We will try to give you advice and guide you from A to Z. All is FREE !!! So don’t hesitate to look for us !!!

We are free to ask if you have any questions.
Broadband Plan


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Only 1 line for Business

Micro SME like you are not sure about the business’s sustainability or not, that why to apply the new line with the company name without a contract plan

u mobile postpaid plan unlimited data

Switch over enjoy saving up to RM21000

Before this under M-Telco with a high mobile postpaid plan and tagging with a contract. After switching over we enjoy saving during this challenging time, this is the most important for this moment.

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