The Benefits of Registering Your Mobile Postpaid Under Your Company Name

Are you aware of the advantages of having your company’s mobile number under its name instead of using your personal number? Here are some benefits of converting to a corporate mobile postpaid plan:

1. Remain the customer under the company
Event the staff resigns the customer is still contactable with new staff taking over

2. Increase productivity
Now a day all staff can reachable and communicate among the workforce

3. Make the customer more confident with your product n service
Mean after sales, still service to customer and reachable

4. Unlimited Call & More Data
No more worry about the cost of the call, each line is only RM38. Enjoy more saving

5. tax reliefs, deductions
No more worry of the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia) (LHDM).

6. Save time and money
We assist u from A-Z with anything requested by the latter, the director does no need to walk to the center.

7. Every 2 years the company director claims the free phone device with a device plan
A. U SaveMore plan
B. U PayLater Plan

This is one of the sample the company convert the personal mobile postpaid to company name

Existing the director mobile number are register personal name and would like convert it to be company name with under existing MTelco, but it take more then a month still no feedback the service very poor.

iphone 14 Pro 256 installment plan

Then found from google U Mobile Business also have iPhone 14 Pro plan, and their action very fast. Understand of customer need and coming out the proposal it very clear and easy to understand

Maxis iphone 14 Pro 256 installment plan

Once after agree of the plan then receive the SSM & Director IC Copy + MNP Telco bill to process for switch over to U Mobile Business

U Mobile sample ssm

For Open a New Account, here the 📄 document need:
1. SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58

2. Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)
3. Person incharge IC front & Back (Optional)
4. Telco Bill of Owner would like transfer to company name
5. Company contact info as:
Signature person
Full name:
IC no:

Maxis MNP Donor sms sample

The action very fast within 2 days receive the sms from Donor Telco


After switch over U Mobile Business SIM card and it show 5G network on top, here the speediest the speed up to 644Mbps. Wow.. 😮 super fast never test it before..


The next is pay phone device top up and the delivery within 3-5 working day

So incase you want to understand more of the U Mobile Business Postpaid Plan just Call, WhatsApp or talk to us our officer will happy to serve you.

If you require further assistance, you can get in touch with us

Broadband Plan

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