JMB Own the postpaid mobile number under Badan Perngurusan Bersama or Joint Management Body Name

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JMB Badan 1

The JMB Joint Management Body can own a mobile postpaid number

For most of the JMB Building Management, the mobile number is registered under the committee member name or building manager name, this will be a problem for JMB Building Management. Once AGM the Committee Members will change or Change of Building Manager then the mobile number also hangs under the past person’s name and this is most of the issue currently Badan Perngurusan Bersama worry.

badan pengurusan bersama pangsapuri
mb management contact number
jmb management contact number
jmb property management

That why some JMB Building Management use TM fix number and the rental fee cost RM49 per line per month, usage will charge base on pay per use.

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U mobile Business bill for JMB 1

U Mobile Business can easily assist your register the mobile number under Badan Perngurusan Bersama or Joint Management Body name JMB.

jmb building and maintenance

Just need the Document as:

Surat Perakuan Pendaftaran

Surat Perakuan Pendaftaran

Surat Perakuan Pendaftaran

Meeting Minutes

Surat Perakuan Pendaftaran

Organisation Chart

Chairman IC Copy

Chairman IC Copy

Stand out with UMobile Business postpaid plans for your ROC Badan Perngurusan Bersama or Joint Management Body to serve the residents.

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TIME internet

Malaysia Fixed Line vs Mobile Postpaid

mobile postpaid

Telephones. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to conduct business or communicate.

Mobile phone networks have become extremely cost-effective, and in many cases, they are actually less expensive than fixed lines. Most of the Badan Perngurusan Bersama or Joint Management Body office, fixed number phone lines are slowly becoming obsolete. one in five consumers have considered dropping their fixed lines to save money.

Many Badan Perngurusan Bersama or Joint Management Body office have been much slower to follow suit by reducing the number of fixed lines to cut costs.
it is possible for a JMB body to substantially reduce it’s monthly phone bills, while improving residence contact, by turning to mobile plans.


unifi fixed bill

Fixed Number Benefit

Only for New Business

  • Free Standard installation
  • RM30/month commitment over usage will Pay-asyou-use (“PAYU”)
  • TM fixed: 3sen/min
  • Mobile/Other fixed lines: 12sen/min

Existing Fixed line rental RM45/month not inclusive call charge. 

  1. The outgoing costs are the biggest component of your bills.
  2. Don’t know the miss call number
  3. Cannot WhatsApp
u mobile business bill

Mobile Number Benefit

Old & New Business

  • Only RM38/month
  • Unlimited Call
  • 30Gb/month High-speed data
  • Sim Card Only or With Phone Device
  • No Contract & Cancel Anytime
  • WhatsApp & Video Call
  1. Can see all missed call numbers so can return calls back
  2. WhatsApp support for Video Call N sending picture vs Fax
  3. More value add service can apply

Refer to Google Map See The Real Cases

jmb management office Mont Residence

Own the mobile number under JMB Name

Never miss the call, WhatsApp group to support the residents & committee members, in a more effective way and reduce the complaint.

jmb management office Marina bay

Mobile number under previous committee member

The JMB mobile number under other names is now not in service, then register the number again?

jmb management office Parklane OUG

Fixed Number Under Joint Management Body

Rental fee too expensive, outgoing call charge pay per use, ring no body pick up & return call, cannot WhatsApp to support the residence.

jmb management office The Horizon

Number not belong to the Building Management

We here able to assist your update the number accordingly to your Building Management & Committee request. Contact us click here

Many Building Management would like to register the mobile number under the JMB Management name, but the problem is where to register and what documents need?

We are here to serve you and will assist you from A to Z until the line is complete activation.

unifi broadband

Which is the best mobile service provider offering

You’re having trouble deciding which mobile network provider would be ideal for you. How do you behave? It can be difficult to choose a mobile network provider, but we’re here to help you out a little bit. The following information will help you choose a wireless carrier in Malaysia.

Comparing Mobile Networks

Here we’ve outlined three key parts to consider for mobile network carriers in Malaysia to help you choose the best service. We’ve focused on the four major mobile service providers in Malayasia

Service Providers 4 G Reliability (%)
Celcom 98%
Digi 98%
U Mobile 97%

Though the Maxis is one of the leading Network providers, their plans are tailored for internet usage and the data pool option is definitely intriguing, but they are more expensive compared to other networks. Their smartphone contract plans differ depending on the handset.

Comparing the Unlimited Call Mobile Postpaid Plan for Business

Telco Minimum line Minimum Fee Data
Maxis 1 line’s RM 98 50 Gb
Celcom 3 line’s RM 80 40 Gb
Digi 1 line’s RM 78 40 Gb
Umobile 1 line’s RM 38 30 Gb

Customers Review

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How often do you use Voice Call and How often do you use WhatsApp calls anyway.

whatsapp video call

WhatsApp only need a phone number to get started and the app is intuitive to use and already the most popular messaging app

Why WhatsApp is the best tool for communication?

Research studies also show that 90% of people respond within 30 minutes on instant messaging apps while email responses are only 17%.

Enter WhatsApp. This instant messaging app has an ease of use that traditional communication channels, like emails and phone calls, lack. Quicker responses mean happier residences.

How & Where to Apply the U Mobile Business

U Mobile Business offers no-contract service and can cancel anytime if you are not happy with the service. Not only that the extry level also very low commitment just only RM38 per line per month.

If you require further assistance, you can get in touch with us

Broadband Plan
U Mobile Postpaid 38 buy 2 free 1 promo
U Mobile Business postpaid promo
U Mobile business 5G

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mobile postpaid register under company name

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Telco Check Blacklist

Free for Check Blacklist or CTOS with which telco?

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