Malaysia Mobile telco bill

Get a Free Phone Device and REDUCE your Company Mobile Postpaid bills.

Slash Your Expenses with Free Phone Offerings on Company Mobile Postpaid Numbers!

Get a Free Phone Device and REDUCE your Company Mobile Postpaid bills.

Malaysia Mobile telco bill

Slash Your Expenses with Free Phone Offerings on Company Mobile Postpaid Numbers!

Here the free phone device and the way of saving work for your business

Experience the Ultimate Freedom with Free Phone Offerings: Talk, Text, and Surf without Limits!”

Message: Calling has become free on almost all mobile postpaid plans, and data has become incredibly affordable, often bundled with generous allowances. If you have Wi-Fi at home and the office, make sure to connect to it as soon as you arrive to save your precious mobile data.

But that’s not all! With popular apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you can enjoy endless conversations for free, even making international calls without worrying about hefty charges. Embrace the freedom of seamless communication while saving big!


✔️ No Contract
✔️ No Penalty Fee
✔️ Happy Continue to use
✔️ Not Happy Just Cancel Anytime

Convert from Personal to Company name with One MasterBill and enjoy saving more then RM6672 within 2 years

U mobile plan

Here is the sample proposal for the way of saving calculation

Maxis vs U Mobile

The business is testing out a few office cell numbers where the user is always at the workplace and connected to WiFi, and prefers to utilise WhatsApp over calling. Therefore, there is no reason to continue the high commitment plan since the company may benefit from RM2880 in just two years this manner.

Maxis Business vs U mobile Business

Another company uses Maxis Business mobile postpaid plan with a monthly fee of RM784 after our consult and proposal trial u mobile business plan their manage to enjoy the saving up to RM8640 within 2 years.

Broadband Plan

Choose the Best Plan for U

Unbeatable mobile postpaid
Unbeatable u mobile postpaid
Unbeatable postpaid mobile

And stay connected with Unlimited High-Speed Data plus 5G-ready & calls to all networks.​

Get Free Phones Device with Postpaid Plan

Unlock an Array of Free Phone Devices for Your Selection!

U Mobile RM0 Free Phones Device
u mobile iphone 14 pro max installment plan
u mobile phone plan

If you require further assistance, you can get in touch with us

TIME internet

Document For Enterprise Applications

U Mobile sample ssm

For Open a New Account, here is the 📄 document needs:

  1. SSM Form 9,24 & 49 / New SSM section 17,14,15 & 58 OR Form B & D
  2. Company Director IC Front & Back (authorised signatory ✍🏻)

Director Signature & Person in Charge detail

  1. Full name:
  2. IC no:
  3. Position:
  4. Mobile:
  5. Email:

How & Where to Apply the U Mobile Business

U Mobile Business offers no-contract service and can cancel anytime if you are not happy with the service. Not only that the extry level also very low commitment just only RM38 per line per month.

See how u mobile business helps their business grow and reduce 50% saving from their existing mobile plan


Expanding their business and enjoying more saving

mobile postpaid register under company name

More benefits register with company name

Telco Check Blacklist

Free for Check Blacklist or CTOS with which telco?

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